SureFire E2D Defender® Ultra

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  • The light that looks forward to the fight
  • 1,000 lumens of strike-force illumination
  • Includes a useful 5-lumen low output that is great for administrative tasks

Show Your Fangs. The E2D Defender® Ultra is a superlative everyday-carry tactical light. Machined from aerospace aluminum, every Defender body incorporates a crenellated Strike Bezel® and scalloped tailcap that turn these robust illumination tools into formidable weapons, just the thing for when a thorny situation can’t be solved by photons alone. Its intense 1,000-lumen beam delivers a crucial tactical advantage by providing blinding white light to disrupt an attacker's night-adapted vision. Focused through our TIR lens, it provides a far-reaching beam for positive threat identification plus plenty of spill light to help you maintain situational awareness. The Defender is engineered to take a beating—or even give one if it's necessary to save your life.


Virtually indestructible LED is regulated to maximize output and runtime


Choose between 1,000 lumens of intense high output or 5 lumens of low output for map reading and other tasks


TIR lens produces a tight beam with significant reach and enough surround light for peripheral vision


Mil-Spec Hard Anodized for durability and corrosion resistance


Crenellated Strike Bezel® and scalloped tailcap provide enhanced self-defense capabilities


Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life


Dual function stainless steel clip for bezel-up or bezel-down pocket storage


Note: The E2D Defender® Tactical is single output only; optimized as an everyday carry fighting light


Note: The E2D Defender® Ultra is dual-output; a versatile everyday carry light with a fighting edge